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Gansu Xukang Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established on October 20, 2020. Location in the National Economic and Technological Development Zone Industrial Park in Tianshui City, Gansu Province, covering an area of 154 acres, Xukang is jointly established by Tianshui State-owned Capital Investment and Operation Co., Ltd ....


154 Acres

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neutral borosilicate pharmaceutical glass tubes and containers

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natural gas stations, gas stations, and bottle making workshops,etc


Name: Neutral borosilicate pharmaceutical glass tubing

Introduction:Neutral borosilicate pharmaceutical glass packaging is one kind of pharmaceutical glass with a boron content of 8% -12%, which has excellent physical and chemical properties. According to the pharmacopoeia regulations of developed countries such as Europe and America, neutral borosilicate pharmaceutical glass is the best packaging choice for injectable drugs; In the past century, the core technology has been controlled by developed countries like Europe and America, but Xukang rewrote history and broke the core technology.

Purpose: Used for making pharmaceutical glass packaging containers

Specification: Outer Diameter 10.00~30.00mm

Neutral Borosilicate Pharmaceutical Glass Tubing

Usage: Used for storing vaccines, water injections, freeze-dried powder, and powder drugs, etc

Advantages: It has good internal surface water resistance, heat resistance, and freezing resistance, which can ensure the stability of the chemical properties of the drug.

COE5.0 Glass Tubular Vial

COE5.0 Glass Tubular Vial

Usage: Packaging water injection, used for vaccine storage, injection drugs, etc

Advantages: Good internal surface water resistance and internal stress, which can ensure the stability of drug chemical properties.

COE5.0 Glass Tubular Ampoule

COE5.0 Glass Tubular Ampoule


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Relying on strong production capacity and brand, Gansu Xukang has established a nationwide Sales and after-sales service, established long-term friendly cooperative relationships with multiple customers across the country, and enjoys a high reputation in domestic and foreign markets, Xukang's products are exported to Russia, Southeast Asia, Türkiye, and etc.

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